ArtJog 11, an art fair ? [Part 1: Painting]

/Define: ArtJog 2011

ArtJog is an annual art fair held in Jogjakarta (or Yogyakarta). The city is well known for producing top artists in Indonesia and Asia. Art event in Jogjakarta are ubiquitous and ArtJog are one of the well known art event in Jogja alongside with Jogjakarta Biennale and Yogyakarta Art Festival (FKY).

Each one of this event lived up to their names. Yogyakarta Biennale is my favorite. In Biennale you will find beautiful artwork with less or no market responsibilities cast upon them. Just pure art selected and exhibited. Unfortunately, as it names suggest, biennale is a bi-annual event. Means it will be held once in two years. But be happy! 2011 is the year of Biennale. Yogyakarta Biennale, Jakarta Biennale and Bali Biennale are on this year !!!

Yogyakarta Art Festival (FKY) is more festive. This event usually in package with performance art. You can see fine art in public spaces, street art, mural, jazz on the street, pantomime, carnival and that entire event that will make you la-la all month long.

Two events above are fully-or-partially supported by the local government and the local art council. But ArtJog, is an art fair that is purely an event held by private for-profit organization, HeriPemad Art management. So ArtJog basically it’s the same as one giant gallery selling art work in massive way. The usual practice in art fair is that many galleries are participating in the art fair, but in ArtJog just ONE art organization selling art work.

The Work

Okay, im not going to bitching off about how envious confuse I am seeing one profit art organization can do such event. Lets talk about the artist work:


Maryanto work “Fly Over” (150×300) intrigued me. At the first glanced I thought I was seeing a charcoal+pencil combination. I mean just take a look at the detail. It was quite detail. But after I look at the texture and the tag, it was acrylic on canvas! Bravo ! (it was sold one day later).




Aan Arif Rahmanto work “Last Sup(p)er Woman” also caught my imagination on my first glance. The idea was so simple yet brilliant. Mother Teresa sitting on the middle like Jesus on Last Supper, her disciple would be Lady Di, Benazir Bhuto and other super woman in the modern era. He distorts the smooth figure to achieve the effect of this televised, imaginary, unreal feeling.


Pande Ketut Taman (Rock #1) is also quite unique. He played with shape and figure. Is it a rock or is it a figure of a person?


I forgot whose work is this but the comical figure is narrative and trying to tell a story. I recall it was surprisingly fresh and fun when I was there. Compared to the other work exhibited, this is the only one that in small panel of paper with water color.



Syahrizal Pahlevi is not trying to go to the less-traveled road. Andy Warhol did this, Dipo Andy in Indonesia already did this loooong way before this work. The difference is it is a woodcut print on rice paper, and I love wood/hardboard cut !!! it gives you the feel that the other media can’t do…

MV 02.54 Faces


Here is another woodcut on paper from other artist.


This is Ashely Bickerton work. It was on the collection corner, means it was belong to someone else. I remember it was featured on C-Art Magazine


Finally Jumaldi Alfi finished with his skull painting (fin a post about skull later). Sold


This is Tisna Sanjaya work, a senior artist and well known in Indonesia



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