Art I Jog I 11 Review [Part 2]: Sclupter, Video Art and Pig Corner

Sculpture and installation.

Entang Wiharso is a household name in Indonesia art scene. 29 individual exhibition, 138 times exhibition with other artists, 19 times performance art, 21 awards, resident and grant and other statistic if you want to dig more….

Entang is the type of artist that museum would love to acquire his works. Chances are you already saw his works without you knowing it. Hongkong, Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan, Singapore, Manila, Milan, Australia, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Venice, Berlin, New York, Helsinki, Massachusetts, Prague, Toronto, California, Nanjing, Seoul, Shanghai, Taiwan, Amherst, Dumaguete, Bergamo, Eschen, Oakland and even Karachi are the witness of his works.

His works are tend to be “horror”. In my term I like to call it “hellish”. He like to clash symbols. Make Irony. In shorts if you see his works you either thinking or just walk away because you suddenly want to faint. He explore with many media: canvas, aluminum, body parts, etc.



Eko Nuryono !! Here is another favorite of mine. I accustomed seeing his artwork on the street of Yogyakarta and many art events in Yogyakarta. This guy always made me laugh with his joke/satire in his works.




Pintor Sirait is consistent with Islamic Art. The funny thing is in the one of the biggest moslem country population in the world, Islamic art don’t thrive that much. Pintor Siarait and Tisna Sanjaya This work called “Different Angels Different God” 130x152x23. Stainless Steel.


Indiguirellassssssss!! Another street art group that I loved. Funny thing is their work collectors mainly from outside Indonesia


Photo Section
Wimo Ambala Bayang made himself famous in the early century with his video slapping himself, agonizingly, to represent the violence to the body. His works mainly in the domain of digital art. There is interesting story regarding this work below, I saw it myself this work was marked as sold but just a short while i saw this work is sold in one of the Gallery in Jakarta


This work is made by a gallery worker that trying to express himself through photograph. His name is Army Yunanda


Video Art
This exploration made by well known lecturer-cum-artist Krishna Mukti. It was depicting the stereotype of the islamic symbol and terorism


Bacon Pig Corner

Okay, really? Pig theme? They even made a special corner just for works that contain pig. Why? Because they are cute? Because bacon are delicious? Oh COME ON !! I have several reasons why I hate pig theme

  1. Skull and pig are over-abused theme in Indonesia art. I was not that long in the fine art environment but I already want to puke if I ever see one work again of this kind. I talked to several ppl at the Visual Art Award 2011, peoples agree that this should be declared illegal right now.
  2. How many pig are ever represented in the traditional culture of Indonesia artwork? Cow, yes. Buffalo, yes. Bulls, yes. Horse, yes. WARTHOG, yes. Pig ? less likely. Come on guys… I know you are trying to sell yourself to market with that Chinese-copying feels. It is fine at first, but really ?

This Azhar Horo is a good example of this. I don’t care how good the execution is…


But not all the pig work stinks, these two of the pig work are quite refreshing. Check below.





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