Ende Song

I have a beautiful cousin that just ended her long-term relationship. After the break-up she decide to travel and go out seeing more people.

She wandered the street that she haven’t explore in Yogya. She pay me a visit to Bali (Just one day notice),  and now she is in  NTT in the vicinity border area between our country (Indonesia) and East Timor. So she was teaching on this local elementary school and stumble upon this beautiful song that the Ende kids like to sing.

Yesterday, she told me about this song. She told me that the song is beautiful. I ask her to send me the song via blackberry messenger. In my surprise, she grab her phone, ask for the children to perform the song. Just for me!

I was honored. I love kids. I love the song. But what i love the most that upon hearing my little cousin voice that she is happy now!

The lyric goes like this:

Dari Ende ke Wolowaru singgah gunung Kelimutu..

Ada air tiga warna merah putih dan biru~

Indahlah, indahlah, pulau Flores indahlah

From Ende to Wolowaru stopping by at Kelimutu

There are three colored water: red, white and blue

Be beautiful, beautiful, Flores island just be beautiful

Ntt Song by Andi Fachri


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