My top 7 coffee shop in Jakarta

Having years as coffee aficionados and working at wine industry, i develop somewhat of taste of finer things when it comes to drinks. Therefore i encourage myself to write this 7 coffee spot in Jakarta that i personally tasted it myself. Enjoy!

  1. Jakarta Coffee House


  • Innovative and peculiar taste. Ever wonder how it might be when the smelliest fruit in the world, durian, mixed into your coffee? Come to JCH. I pay them visit for a few years and they always have something new come up now and then. A good sign of innovation.
  • They like to roast or try new things with their customer. The first time i went there several years ago they were roasting their coffee, and the last time i went there they were involving customer to experiment with latte art. Now that is what i a complete customer experience….
  • Of course they pay detail attention to their coffee.

[Taken form Jakarta Coffee House Website}

[Taken form Jakarta Coffee House Website}

Location: Cipete Raya.

Twitter: @Jkt_Coffeehouse


2. 115 (one fifteenth) Coffee


  • Their barista, Dody Samsura, placed 20-ish on 2013 World Barista Championship in Australia.
  • Their coffee is one of the most beautiful thing that i ever tasted in Jakarta. My first visit i spent 300k rups by myself just to try everything because their coffee impress me much.
  • Their ambiance is good. Not in the mall, which if you want to talk more intimate with your friends this is important. It feels like those Melbourne-ish coffee shops.
The treat their coffee like wine

They treat their coffee like wine

Location: Jalan Gandaria I/63

Twitter: @115coffee


3. Tak Kie Coffee

This is more like indulging the nostalgia senses rather than indulging your taste bud. Tak Kie has been around since 1927. With the old architecture, with Chinese indoor decorating and with their ice coffee that adapted from Portuguese style coffee-ice this place really throw you back in to time capsule in the middle of the bustling-hustling Jakarta.

The Portuguese style ice-coffee influence can be traced when the Portuguese mark their presence in Malaka, Malaysia. Their coffee making style spread in the vicinity region. Including in the Sumatra region in Indonesia.

Location: Petak Sembilan, Glodok, Jakarta.

Open: Breakfast-4 PM.

4. Anomali – Senopati/Setiabudi/Kemang.

They are the first that introduce the art of good local coffee here in Jakarta and Indonesia. Although other new establishment raise the bar, they still worth to mention since their coffee is still superb.

I like the ambiance at Senopati although i visit their Setiabudi branch a lot since it is close to my friends office.

Coffee character

Coffee character


Jakarta: Senopati/Setiabudi/Kemang.

Bali: Seminyak/Ubud.

Twitter: @anomalicoffee


5. Pandava Coffee

I don’t really like shakes and ice latte but this Pandava still worth to try to.

Location: Epicentrum Walk at Epicentrum Mall. Jl. Rasuna Epicentrum, GF W119

Twitter: @PandavaCoffee


6. Tanamera Coffee Roastery

Worth the mention for the ambiance also for the good Coffee.

Location: Thamrin City Office Park AA 07

Twitter: @Tanameracoffee


7. TWG

This is tea establishment i am aware of that, thank you. But it is really amazing. Boasting around 250 tea selection on their menu. It is a feast to the taste bud. Familiar with the wine industry myself, this establishment is really a feast to the taste bud. Never thought tea would be so diverse and amazing.

TWG is definitely amazing compared to Starbucks that located several lot away from this establishment. The first time i pay them a visit is when i was visiting Singapore and upon hearing that they open their branch in Indonesia, this is definitely a place to go to. Open a branch in Bali then this tea definitely set to dominate the upper tea market in Indonesia

taken from twg site

taken from twg site

Location: Plaza Senayan

Open: Mall working hour.


The least place that i’d come to:


Why? The waiters are racist as hell. They think Indonesian and Bahasa Indonesia speaking people is in the least customer that they should serve.  Been there twice and neither visit is giving me positive vibe. If you want to find similar elegant place but with better service in the vicinity, go to Mulia Hotel instead.

Or just go to other good places scattered around Plaza Senayan.


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