Review: The Raid and Silat Philosophy.

The Raid 2: Berandal has become one of the most awaited movie this year. Review and critics all crowned Gareth Evans, the director, to become one of the best action movie director because of this movie alone. Positive review since it’s premiere at Sundance Film Festival are pouring from all corner of the world. Peer review site such as Rotten Tomatoes gives this film 94% rating, IMDB  gives 8,6 score and Metacritic  gives 79.

If you wonder what kind of movie is it, The Raid is a pure action movie with a lot of violence inside it. Blood splatter, throat slitted, knive throwed, etc. Its just not everyone cup of tea. No wonder not many people don’t really look forward to see it. Action movie never become my cup of tea either. But this time is different,  i want to see the Raid 2 really bad. Not because the violence but because they show some of good Silat moves in the movie.

Silat Philosophy

Last week i was assisting a book launch called “Keajaiban Silat”, literal translation to English is “The Magic of Silat”. This book written by a silat practitioner Edwin H. Abdullah. A practitioner of three Silat style, the person who is behind Ensiklopedi Silat Indonesia and a business practitioner.

On this book, Edwin explained that Silat is far from being violence. In the talk show of his book, almost all Silat master anonymously said that Silat is an art and philosophy being into one. The martial art part is just the 30% of it.

Edwin recited one of his dialogue with his master to describe this:

One of his master ask him, “why do you want to learn silat?”

He answered, “to be able to fight”

“wrong”, his master said.

Silat is an expression of life

Intrigued by this dialogue, I deep down further into his book to know what Edwin’s master and Edwin trying to say. I found out that his book contain Silat principle that can be applied to many aspect of life, including business. Edwin have enough credential to talk about this. Having graduate from MIT Business School and Harvard, he said that when Peter Shenge teach about management principle he find a lot of the principle can be found in Silat principle. Thus after completing his studies, he pursue this topic (Silat principle) furthermore.

So yeah, after watching the raid and reading the book i think i might want to start to study Silat. To know the principle, not just for fighting purpose.

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