Mom, Thrifty All The Way…

My mom have an obscure behavior every time she got back from Japan. She always bring secondhand stuff. In Tokyo, she would like to go to flea market where all the item over there is sold with 100 Yen price tag. When she found “treasure” she would fondly bragging about how she would find a specific item with such low price.

Or when flea market failed to please her, she still had something in her sleeves. In Japan there are specific trash day and trash spot. In those specific day, SHE MEMORIZED IT EVEN THOUGH SHE CAN’T SPEAK JAPANESE, she would stroll looking anything that she think it still good.

In my days in University, i don’t really have much money. My mom know this. And she would pick several things from trash that i can use back here in Indonesia. The most memorable is a banner decoration because in those days i sell Takoyaki at weekend to gain additional pocket money.

My initial reaction at that time was, “Wow, Thanks Mom. I know we didn’t have much money. But this trash picking is.. i don’t know mom… but THIS decoration is good. I can use it in my kiosk”. And she would reply something like this, “beggar can’t choose”.

And i present you her latest hunt from Tokyo that she so fondly unboxed just this morning: a pan, 5 plate, 5 bowl, and one set of tea cup.

Way to go with that thrifty attitude mom.






2 thoughts on “Mom, Thrifty All The Way…

    • I’ll send your regards to her Nath,
      Selama ini dia banyakan berburu sendiri di sono. Jangan2 kalo lu kesana kelakuannya ga beda jauh sama si simbok.

      Ngomong-ngomong treasure, list buku gimana? Tar gw wassapp. Ada yg mau gw tanyain juga.

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