Life just pull the pun on me

An old friend and long acquaintance usually can point out what has changed and what is not inside of you. So here I am only able to dropped-by for 20 mins in a coffee shop just to say hi to my good friend Putri and Gama. Gama is a good friend of mine and on his way to UK and will have to leave Indonesia soon. “I’m sorry. I have deadlines. I can’t linger too long, I need to get back to work”. Putri with her infamous sharp tongue blurt out, “Again? Andi, Jakarta eats you”.

Inside of my head a conversation sparked because of that, “What do she mean Jakarta eats me?”. Is it a good thing? Well, eating is usually a good thing. I eat my favorite food every weekend. Or if we didn’t talk about the literal term of eat. Then it is usually me eats a girl or a girls eat me and we both liked it. So no harm in there, right?

“You’ve changed”, Putri snapped me from my vortex of endless inner-convo.

“You used to be fun and always said there is more in life than work”.

“I still believe in those. Look is just I am having a work deadline okay. I have report that is due on Monday. I have to work even on weekend”

“That is the exactly what you said last weekend and the weekend before this”

I stopped arguing. I splint the tissue on front me and made it into tiny rope. These kind of things that I do to distract my mind when something is bothering me. And what my friend said is bothering me. Because here I am, a good friend is going to leave Indonesia and I can’t even spare a decent time to meet, talk and bid farewell.

Is this the road I’m going to be? A robotic corporate stud?


“Already grabbed your beer man?”, I ask Adit.

“All is good”, Adit replied. I knew Adit in my time living in Bali. Both and several others friends of ours moved back to Jakarta. Now he’s going to leave Jakarta back for Bali again. And a good bro share drinks to bid farewell.

“Thought you were settled, Man. What happen?”, a question that serves as retrospective and comparison. Come on, you all did that before. Admit it.

 “I’m finish with that ambition”, he reply. His answer is quite surprising. I knew him as a guy who took ego and ambition into his own hand. His answer give me the impression that he gain a bit wisdom somewhere along Jakarta congested road. “Ambition kills you”, sipping his beer – a stinky White Horse Beer but we purposely drank that.

“What about you?”, he asked back.

“Abandoning my Australia plan a bit. Got a job that pay the bills. Settling down in Jakarta –believe it or not—nothing much”


I laughed. “Nothing much man. I just want to concentrate on my job”

“You are a pussssy”

“What the fuck man”

And then Adit told me a tale about a business owner that he met. A successful one but still can squeeze time for his girlfriend and exercise.

“I’m asking a question man and you answer me with an excuse. Not having enough time for girl and exercise? That is damn excuse”

“WTF. My friends told me the same thing”

“Good. Now practice. Give me updates about that exercise and girls later man”

The realization hit me. Here, on another setting, on another convo with another circle of friend, and they told me the same thing.  

Life just pull another pun on me and I am not laughing. I guess what they say is true, if you didn’t understand the joke maybe the joke is on you.



Good luck for another life adventure in Liverpool and Bali mate.


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